BabyMop: Make Babies Your Slave!

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It’s never been easier to own a sweatshop where you employ as workers your personal baby army! With the advent of new inventions in cleaning technology like the BabyMop Cleaning Romper, you can open that dream house cleaning business you’ve always wanted.

If you need your house cleaned, but the chores of parenting have taken their tole on your energy levels, and you just want to watch the new American Idol season, then why not put that baby to use? You made the baby, now make that baby work for you. Dress your slave in their patented BabyMop cleaning romper. Put some peanut butter on a fishing line or grab a laser pointer, and get your babies attention. Then it’s as simple as guiding your baby around the room to tackle all those hard to reach spots. Remember, babies can get into tighter areas than adults, so don’t be afraid to put the baby in the air ducts to get fresher air flowing through your house. We are talking about your babies health here, fresh air is a must!

If you know someone who just had a baby, then make sure you get them the BabyMop. It will make their lives so much easier.

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