Beanie Light For The Blind!

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The Beanie Light for the blind is a unique normal black beanie, with a Chinese LED in the front. Not made of a wool blend, and just slightly comfy, this beanie was made to blind your friends, or random drivers on the street.

Some highlights about this beanie headlamp include the ability to put your keys in your keyhole at night. You can legally flash people at mardi gras, you can blind your boss, you can blind your friends, you can blind your pets. Literally, you can blind anything with eyes. This LED is so fucking bright, that you will think the sun exploded when you first turn it on.

If you don’t have light sensitivity, then you will after wearing this beanie light. You know the light at the end of the tunnel people say they see right before they die? Welll this light is so bright, even the dead can still see it. Sorry, there is no heaven, the light at the end of this tunnel is the fucking Beanie Light!


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