Immortal Canned Bacon!

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Who doesn’t love bacon? To make sure that bacon can get to all people in all countries of the world no matter how desolate the region, we now have Canned Bacon. This shit will last 10 years. Therefore, this shit is immortal.

Let’s be serious though, who is really going to wait 10 years to open this fully cooked and ready to eat delicious canned meat snack? No one will wait, like rabid animals as soon as this can gets to you, you will, undoubtedly, gnaw the top off with your teeth and swallow the contents whole. Try not to choke, as the all artificial added smoke flavor caresses your taste buds, forcing your brain into blissful submission.

You know you want this. Who can possibly resist the savory temptation of Canned Bacon? This is the perfect gift idea for the hunter, the foodie, the fatty, or the newborn baby in your life.


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