Kitty Carpet Vagina Toupee!?

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If you thought Miley Cyrus had done everything, you were wrong. She hasn’t paraded around in only her kitty carpet vagina toupee just yet! You may have seen Miley Cyrus’ vagina all over the internet, who hasn’t? Did you know that Miley did a short advertising campaign for a company called Kitty Carpet? Apparently this company thrives off of girls mishandling Nair or using dull razors. Their most famous product the kitty carpet vagina toupee aims to cover up those pubic hair mistakes.

Girls normally have a few choices when it comes to those downstairs crotch hair styles. Hairless, the V, the landing strip… but what happens when a girl attempts the landing strip, but ends up with the Macaulay Culkin? You know, the one that makes her vagina look like the brain bug from Starship Troopers met the balding John Travolta. Well if you’ve ever been in that predicament, you could just go hairless, but that wouldn’t be that 70’s of you would it? Every woman knows that in order to feel the powers of womanhood she needs a magnificent and majestic bush. This is why the kitty carpet vagina toupee is such a good product. It empowers women more than feminism ever dreamed it could.

Well the kitty carpet vagina toupee is here to save the day. When you botch your wax job, but still want a bush that would make Debbie Does Dallas do you, then you need this in your life! This is the perfect gift for anyone who has a balding vagina. You can also use this to accentuate your bikini line for the summer time. Strippers love to buy this as well as they can purchase a vagina toupee in every color that human hair comes in! Dye your hair? This is perfect for matching the carpet to the drapes!

Kitty Carpet Vagina Toupee

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