Obama Endorsed Smoking Mittens!

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Have you wondered how Eskimos smoke weed? What about how Russians smoke weed in the worst of winters? Well according to President Obama, they all use the Smoking Mittens. These mittens allow your pimp hand to stay warm even when the snow is coming down harder than the twin towers.

These are the perfect mittens for all winter outdoor activities. If you hate the way that cigarettes or joints feel on your bare hands then you might want to consider these gloves as well. Folks with papyrophobia will definitely want to get these. Although you are fucking weird for being scared of paper, maybe these gloves will help you to get high and calm the fuck down.

Look if the President of the United States uses these Smoking Mittens, to get high on his work trips, then all Americans should use Smoking Mittens to get high, in all bad weather conditions!

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