Selfie Hair Brush!

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Since the dawn of the selfie, Man has attempted to duct tape his phone onto anything he could. For the sole reason of taking the perfect selfie. Well the Selfie Hair Brush is here to provide you with a tool to take the perfect selfie, while doubling as a functional hairbrush to keep you looking fresh in all your instagram pics.

Here’s a tip, for the “Instagram chola in a purse kit” You should get this brush, a sharpie, a gym membership at the squats only gym, and some brown lip liner.

Now that you have your look setup all you need to do is walk around town, texting on your hair brush, and when the opportunity strikes to snap that perfect picture, slip the professional paddle brush through your luxurious locks and then smile big as you stare into the back of the paddle. Everyone around you will be amazed at how such a model could be in their presence, and they’ll burn with jealousy as they gaze upon your Selfie Hair Brush wishing they were beautiful and smart enough to find where to purchase one.

Get one of these selfie hair brush things for the snapchat queen in your life!

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