The Cruisin Cooler

cruisin cooler this is it i want it all gift ideas

The cruisin cooler, one of the 4 beasts of the apocalypse from the bible.

This thing is crazy, you can fill it with beers, then ride around on it. It has a cargo capacity of 8lbs of ice and 24 cans. This hell beast has 1000 watts, and can get to insanely fast speeds of 13mph.

Since God himself made this bitch, it can hold any typical American, and tops out at 300 pounds, you can even attach these things together and form a cruisin cooler train that will be so awesome it’ll make those who gaze upon it become your eternal slave.

The cruisin cooler is perfect for nascar races, weddings, bar mitzvahs, even first dates.  Be careful taking it to a nascar race though, you don’t wanna be the guy who shows up the professional drivers by bringing a better racecar.

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