The Goatee Saver

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This Goatee Saver may be the worlds best companion gift for the fedora lover in your life.

This goatee shaving template may resemble the mouth parasites from the movie Aliens, but don’t worry, the manufacturers haven’t learned how to program these little guys to stop you from breathing just yet.

For guys like Micheal J. Fox, where an etch-o-sketch is his worst enemy, this cringe worthy goatee template may come in handy. Then again, if you have Parkinsons, holding a razor to your face is an extreme sport where you put your life on the line.

If you are into that whole hipster mustache fad, then try the Goatee Saver out. Just don’t blame us if your neighbors see you in it and think you are some Batman Bane cosplayer.

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