Wine Glass Neck Strap!

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Alcoholics everywhere agree that this Wine Glass Neck Strap is a 10/10.

Don’t let anyone tell you that alcoholism is a disease. Show off your classy neoprene strap that says “I’m a professional, who has way too much to do than to bother holding my wine.”

The next time you find yourself driving down the freeway in your Prius, while choosing the next Enya song from your road trip playlist, don’t let your friends catch you without your signature organic wine. Better yet, why not drive around town smelling the wonderful aroma of your favorite vino wafting up from your neckline and regail your friends with tails of your university years in France. The rubberized lining will provide extra gripping power, for those times you may just be too drunk to rely on the power of your own grip strength.

If you don’t buy this Wine Glass Neck Strap, then you will be the only one without one on your next Napa winery tour

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