Deer Ass Bottle Opener To Impress The Ladies!

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This Deer Ass Bottle Opener is the magic trick to impress the ladies and make girls instantly want you. Let me explain, have you ever wondered how to pick up girls? Have you tried to fumble your way through small talk only to wind up alone night after night? Well are you sick and tired of watching your friends hook-up at parties or pull numbers every time you go out for a round of drinks? If I was in your position I’d kill myself, but I’m not, because I’m alpha. This Deer Ass was handcrafted by God himself to make you alpha and impress the ladies in your life!

I know what you are thinking, “how can this deer ass possibly impress the ladies?” Well first of all, girls love ass. Second of all this fine piece of deer ass is also a bottle opener. So throw a party, and ask a girl if she wants a drink. Take her over to your deer ass bottle opener and show her how it works. She will thank you for the drink, and comment on your ass. This is your moment to strike my friend! You should have a pre-planned witty remark for when a girl comments on your ass. Something like “Well if you think this ass is impressive…” and I’m sure you can finish off with something brilliant!

This Deer Ass Bottle Opener won’t just impress the ladies, it will get get you laid! It’s guaranteed by the manufacturer or your money back!

This gift idea is perfect for your mom. That’s not an insult. Remember, this Deer Ass Bottle Opener was designed to impress the ladies and get you laid. This is also the perfect gift idea for the frat boy, the incoming college freshman, the sorority girl, the hunter, the “do you even lift bro?” guy, and of course, the nice guys that finish last.

Deer Ass Bottle Opener To Impress The Ladies!

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