Girlfriend Leg Pillow??

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One of the Japanese products that causes a lot of cringe is the Girlfriend Leg Pillow. This pillow, modeled after a Japanese girl sitting down, happens to be quite popular among single men aged 16-35 in Japan. In fact, most men in Japan are too busy and too shy to approach women. A lot of men go on to lead single lives, but they want companionship like the rest of us. The Japanese pillow industry is rife with lifelike and anatomically correct pillow products.

Weeaboos everywhere are in agreement when they say that women are obsolete. That real human women are only tsundere and don’t fill that traditional housewife role that they used to. It’s because of this moral dogma that the weeaboos stick to so heavily that has allowed industry giants to come in with their synthetic waifu products to make money. If you know anyone who may be a weeaboo you may¬† want to get them professional help. Sometimes even professional help fails. When that happens, you should be glad your friend is only a weeaboo and not a furry. Furries wouldn’t enjoy the girlfriend leg pillow anyway. It’s not hairy enough.

This girlfriend leg pillow is all you need to take with you on a long hike or even to work and school! You can cuddle with your waifu legs whenever you feel the need. I recommend laying out on the grass on your Girlfriend Leg Pillow, the next time you are invited to a wedding. Show everyone that love with humans is overrated! The weeaboos are going to take over the world. Anime is here to stay whether we like it or not. We might as well get with the times and move to Japan and settle down with a nice plush partner that treats us right.

The Girlfriend Leg Pillow

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