Japanese butter grater!?

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This Japanese Butter Grater is probably the weirdest looking food item that you will ever see. It was already pretty easy to take a knife and slice some butter, then it became even easier with the advent of whipped butter, and margarine spreads. If we didn’t have to work so hard at opening lids and packages, we’d save so much time cooking.

The Japanese, and their weird lifestyles have given us the Butter Grater. This thing holds all the butter you need, then when you make toast, or any other recipe that requires noodle strings of butter, you just spin the top, and watch the butter come out.

If you are like most Japanese people, then you won’t use this for food, and instead you’ll use the Japanese Butter Grater to grate butter all over your naked sexual partners! Make sure to pretend that the butter strings are evil alien tentacles to give your Japanese butter porn movie a more realistic feel.


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