Relaxman Capsule Deprivation Chamber!

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Relaxman Capsule Deprivation Chamber!

Designed by NASA. Used by astronauts to patrol the outer rings. Just kidding, the Relaxman Capsule Deprivation Chamber was designed by the Biotonus Clinic in Switzerland. Though it looks like a spaceship, it was designed for relaxation, and stress reduction. The Relaxman capsule is heat, sound and light proof. Giving you total isolation and immersion.

Inside the Relaxman Capsule Deprivation Chamber there is a heated water mattress that was designed to stay at your body temperature. Music and lights help to take your conscious mind into a deep state of sublime relaxation. Research has proven that with just 50 minutes of rest in a negative ion-enriched atmosphere will not only improve sleep imbalances, but also reduce negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

If you have seen Joe Rogan’s deprivation chambers and have gotten jealous, and you also want to meditate in what feels like total weightlessness, then the Relaxman Capsule Deprivation Chamber is for you! Don’t buy this one as a gift, keep it for yourself! Your health will improve and your life will get better.

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