The Face Slimmer

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The Face Slimmer

Ladies, if your mouth is getting wider then you need “The Face Slimmer.” This anti-aging beauty tool is guaranteed to bring your mouth muscles back to their former glory.

The Japanese continuously bring us strange products. Especially products designed for the face. This mouth exerciser is no exception . If the first thought you had was “Wtf is this made out of?” then you will be thrilled to learn that this anti-wrinkle tool is made entirely of shirinkongumu.  It promises to give you a youthful looking face, while helping to tone the corners of your mouth at an upward angle and strengthing the muscles of the face that you don’t use that often.

Let’s be serious for one second. The Face Slimmer is basically just a blow-job trainer. Ladies, the more you use this mouth muscle trainer, the more your man will love your mouth. This is the perfect gift for the slut, the wife, the girlfriend, or the old lady in your life who doesn’t remember what a blow-job is, and just drools a lot.

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