WTF Circumcision Trainer!?

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Circumcision Trainer

Okay wtf is this really? This product claims to be a “circumcision trainer” but how do know that’s really the case?

This has to be the creepiest item that you can buy on the internet. No doctors credentials needed, just go ahead and purchase a silicone baby penis to practice your cutting skills. I guess the good news is that at least we know doctors are trained on how to cut a dick properly. Could you imagine a world of botched circumcisions?

This is the gift that you get for someone you hate. Order this, and don’t even wrap it. Wait till late at night, and leave this on their front lawn with a sign that says “Quit training, moved on to the real thing, FREE BABY TRAINER.” Then just wait for reactions from neighbors. Better yet, make a Craigslist post for a 6am yard sale at your enemies house. Then more than just their neighbors will see the creepy “circumcision trainer” baby penis simulator on their front lawn.

Buy this as a gag gift, just don’t buy this for yourself. There are better dreams to have than to strive to be the best at circumcisions.

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