Chocolate Covered Bacon Oreos

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These bacon oreos combine two of the greatest gifts on earth. Bacon and chocolate. These little bacon bite cookies start as normal double stuffed oreo cookies. The cookies then get coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate that is mixed with crushed bacon bits. Finally these little delicacies are topped with tiny pink pig shaped sprinkles. One bite, and the you’ll notice the rich, smooth, dark chocolate is complimented by the salty and savory bacon bits. The bite gets even better as you make your way to the creamy center of the oreo.

There is no possible way to go wrong with buying these things. Fuck diabetes. Fuck heart attacks. Fuck what your doctors have told you. The only thing better than chocolate covered bacon oreos are deep fried chocolate covered bacon oreos. Since you can’t purchase deep fried products on the internet, these cookies become the greatest gift you can buy on the internet.

You should buy these for yourself, because let’s be honest, these bacon oreos are way too good to give to anyone else as a gift. A little indulgence never hurt anyone, and you know the thought of these cookies is too tempting to pass up!

Chocolate Covered Bacon Oreos


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