Japanese Bathtub!?

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Are you thinking “Wtf is a Japanese bathtub?” Perhaps you’re thinking “Why would you ever need to move your tub outside of the bathroom?” Well the Japanese have a long history of getting naked in public and in private. So if you are fond of the Japanese lifestyle or you are the exhibitionist type who just can’t stand grime than you should analyze this tub a little closer.

Lets go through a list of it’s amazing offerings. This tub was designed for everyone! Both normal people and social recluses!

  1. Its portable. So you can take this Japanese bathtub on a hike or to a campsite.
  2. It’s inflatable, so it’ll pop on your ass when you’re naked on a mountaintop.
  3. It doubles as a free pair of clothes, the remnants of the popped Japanese bathtub can be wrapped around you to make it safely back to camp.
  4. It’s big enough for 2 people. So imagine having good old bath sex on a mountaintop after a long hike.
  5. Two words. Water Aerobics.
  6. PC gamers can clean and play at the same time. Click faster, Destroy your foes!
  7. Moms and Chefs can bathe while preparing delicious yet wholesome food.
  8. Farmers can bathe while riding on their tractors. Imagine staying clean while farming in the dirt! The miracles of the Japanese bathtub.
  9. You can pretend it’s a hot tub and bring it to weddings and funerals. You’ll never be without a seat again!
  10. You can bring it with you on public transportation! Don’t be late to work because you had to shower. Bathe on the subway!

If that top 10 reasons to own a Japanese bathtub didn’t sway you, then you must be stupid.

Everyone needs this Japanese bathtub in their lives. Especially the Hikers, PC gamers, and Farmers, but ESPECIALLY the Hikers, PC gamers, and Farmers.

Japanese Bathtub!


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