Keep Jellyfish Pets! Worlds Deadliest Sea Creature!

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Did you know that the jellyfish is the worlds deadliest sea creature? Well now you can keep jellyfish pets at home. If you asked a random person what the worlds deadliest sea creature is they would most likely respond with “shark!” Well though sharks have a recorded 464 kills from 1580 to 2009. It’s the adorable, unsuspecting jellyfish that is the true silent ocean assassin. While unprovoked shark attacks average out to about 1 a year. The box jellyfish is responsible for 20-40 deaths a year. That makes these little jellyfish pets the most bad ass creature you can keep at home legally.

The problem with trying to keep jellyfish pets comes in figuring out how to keep them alive. Most people give up their quest to keep jellyfish as pets when they get into things they don’t understand. Knowing what ppm levels of ammonia, and nitrate are okay for jellyfish, or knowing the pH of your tank water is what will determine the equilibrium balance between the two chemicals. is enough to scare away the jellyfish pet newbie. Even if they progress beyond the research and actually purchase a tank, they soon find that their jellyfish friends are really sensitive to changes in salinity, or temperature, or PH. Once that first cleaning comes, dead jellyfish normally follow.

That’s where the beauty of the desktop jellyfish tank comes in. It allows you to keep jellyfish pets without all the worry about any of the monitoring or research. This thing allows you to breed and grow the worlds deadliest sea creature as if you were Poseidon. It comes with instructions that even a 5 year old could understand. They overnight jellyfish to you as well, so if a problem does come up then you’ll have a replacement overnight.

This is the perfect gift idea for anyone who wants to keep jellyfish pets, or anyone who loves watching the “World’s Deadliest” on TV. I highly recommend breeding an army of intelligent mutated jellyfish that you can throw at your friends! Just wear gloves!

Keep Jellyfish Pets!

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