Future Mask Lets You Breathe In Space?

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With the advent of recreational space travel, lots of companies have been hard at work crafting the next generation of items we will need in space. The future mask will allow anyone to create their own oxygen and breathe in space! If you are like most people, you can’t afford the $250,000 needed to get a ticket aboard the virgin galactic. Do you know what you can afford though? The stylish future mask! Think about it like this. Do you have survival items for that just in case the end of the world thing happens? Well shouldn’t you also have space items for just in case the world ends by aliens and we need to leave the planet in a rush?

The best way to assure that you won’t wind up suffocating in the blackness of space is to make sure you have a reliable supply of oxygen. Carrying oxygen all the way to space might be hard. The future mask tackles the problem of having too many bottles of oxygen by creating oxygen out of practically nothing! The future mask allows you to breathe in space by sucking in dark matter and using the power of physics and possibly some magic to turn it into 100% pure grade A oxygen.

Show everyone you meet that you are more modern and hipster than they are! Wear the Future Mask everyday! Not only will you always have a supply of quality grade A oxygen. People will be in awe of you, and wonder if they will ever look as amazing and sexy as you! The future mask is the most popular Saturday night clubbing accessory, just think about the endless conversations with the opposite sex that this mask will give you!

This is the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves space, breathes oxygen, or wants look fashionably trendy.

The Future Mask


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